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 ******* was very nice to me from ******** county ******** 
– Laura

 Great costumer service and agent was able to comprehend my situation and fix the issue. 
– Luis

 My experience with ******* has been amazing and she is doing a perfect job and also gives her job her all. Ms. ******* is someone that y'all need to give a raise to because she is a very helpful person and cares also very understanding of my situation with what is going on with me right now.Thank you ******* you rock girl keep up the fantastic work and just remember that you are very appreciated if nobody has told you lately  
– Tonya

 ****** is a sweetheart. She got me all set up and taken care of and it was fast and simple. Very personable and professional. Easy to work with for sure. 
– Dianna

 I was helped by ***** today, she was helpful, knowledgeable and respectful. If I had other fines to pay like this one I'd reach out to her for assistance. Sincerely, *********************  
– Alex

 ******* was very helpful, accommodating and extremely friendly on today's call. Also, I've been a client, I guess you would call it, for years now (that's how accommodating they are with payments especially when you're on a set low income). I wish more collection companies treated you like a person and not an account. And in my experience I only get daily calls if I don't answer or return their call. Even if you don't have an account with them answer and get the situation cleared up.  
– Julie

 Very professional and pleasant to work with. Thank you for your help! 
– Christy

 Very nice person. explained why the phone call and also contacted the place I owe money to. She's good at her job. Very polite.  
– Joe

 Very polite and helpfull and helped me to set up payments 
– Brent

 ****** was so easy to talk to. She made me feel like I was talking to someone Ive known for quite some time. Shes definitely the nicest person that has ever called me from a number that no one is fond of answering. Thanks again ******! 
– Alisa

 Extremely helpful and willing to help whenever I have questions or need another copy of paperwork  
– Michael

 ******* was awesome friendly and helpful she did amazing setting up payments  
– Erin

 Even though it was for a ticket that was unpaid, the person on the phone was polite and very friendly. She was courteous and very knowledgeable. She explained everything precise and to the point. Wish every court had workers like her. 
– Eric

 I have been working with a Emile as my representative for a while now. She goes above and beyond. Her name is Emile but if you changed the E in her name to an S, Smile, that would explain what happenswhen i speak to her! From day one she confirmed and gathered necessary information to make payments timely. But Emile was extra pleasant and exhibited a kindness and humility that is rarely seen when working with the public. She is considerate, kind and understanding. It is always a pleasure tospeak with Emile. Excellent! 
– Lori

 Jessica was fantastic!She was so helpful! She was very thorough and she went out of her way to guide me through the process. It was very streamlined and super easy ( with her gentle guidance).I was very impressed by her and the quality of her company! 
– Mary

 I have been dealing with this collection agency for almost a year, maybe less, but I make a payment once a month and every associate that has helped me has been great. This credit collection office is absolutely unlike any other. They don’t harass you or make things difficult to get a payment and are VERY willing to work with you on how little or much you can pay. I am very forgetful as I have a toddler so I have to give a huge shout out and credit Sophia for always going above and beyond for me. She calls me each month before my payment is due to remind me, she calls if I forgot to call the day it is due and she always calls again to remind me I need to make my payment. She also enrolled me in texts reminders with her name and contact number to call her whenever I have a question or need to make a payment. If you have a debt with this company, SOPHIA is your girl! She always goes above and beyond for me and I can’t thank her enough. Everyone is wonderful and helpful there but Sophia has been absolutely phenomenal every month when I make my payment. I hope this review helps others as I know it’s frustrating and scary to deal with collection agencies but this one is AMAZING! Sophia, if you see this thank you for all you do for me! 
– Crystal

 I must say that I am very satisfied with my agent that I was working with today. Her name is Sophia she was amazing actually took some stress off of my shoulders and actually called the courthouse to make sure that I had no warrant and to me that was amazing because other people wouldn't probably have did that so I just wanted to let you know I am greatly appreciate my agent Sophia that I worked with and spoke to today for helping me and relieving so much stress off of me right now if she is such an angel thank you so much Sophia 
– Joann